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Contractors Insurance Solutions (CIS) was started by a licensed contractor. CIS's main focus is working with contractors insurance. CIS works with many insurance companies to get you competitive prices and excellent coverage. Many other agents sell contractors insurance but it's not their specialty so they usually charge more for less coverage. When buying insurance from CIS you can be confident that we know what coverage you need for the type of work that you do. This gives CIS an edge with quoting and selling contractors insurance. Both CIS and the insurance carriers with whom they proudly partner, possess the expertise and knowledge to ensure the protection of your business.
Surety Bonds:
CIS sells all contract bonds for contractors. We work only with known and well-established surety companies. CIS will find you the best surety company that fits your construction company needs and future goals. When starting a new business don’t worry about being able to qualify to get construction bonds. Let CIS do the work to place you with the right surety bond company.  To qualify, new businesses must show a proven track record of successfully doing the work for which they need a bond.  Depending on the type of contract bond, it can take anywhere from 1 day to a week to get a surety contract bond. If you’re interested in getting bonded call CIS and we would be happy to help you.
Bid Bond: 
The bid bond is usually 10% of the bid amount.  The charge for most bid bonds is $200 no matter what the bid amount is. The bid bond application gets you ready for your performance bond. Once you win the job, CIS can use the information and documents from the bid bond to get you your performance bond.
Performance Bond:
These bonds are used to secure the completion of the project. The rate for a performance bonds ranges from .5% to 5%. CIS will get you a rate that will keep you competitive in your bid. If you don’t win the bid CIS doesn’t win either.  
License Bonds: 
California $15,000 license bonds are also available. You can call CIS to get a quote. Also feel free to visit our office in Los Angeles to buy your contractor license bond. When you come into the office to buy your license bond CIS will help you with your final application documents so you can get your license number quickly. The cost for your license bond depends on your credit score. CIS specializes in getting every contractor his or her bond, regardless of your credit score.
$100,000 LLC Employee/Worker Bond: 
An LLC bond is used when a company wants to register its Limited Liability Company in California with a contractor license. CIS is happy to help you with the application process for these types of licenses. Applying for an LLC contractor’s license in California can be complex when filing with the Contractors Board. CIS offers contractor license services to help you get licensed fast.

General Liability Insurance:
CIS offer contractors general liability insurance for small independent contractors and large construction companies. If you are doing residential jobs, most home owners request general liability insurance and want $1 million in coverage. If you are doing commercial jobs, most companies want to see at least $2 million in coverage. Whatever your work requires for your general liability insurance, CIS is here to help you get the coverage you need to do your business.
Workers Compensation Insurance:
In California any business that hires people hourly has to have workers compensation insurance. Since the state requires all employers to have workers compensation they have created a monopoly for this coverage. State Fund is where most new and small independent contractors go to get their workers compensation insurance.  CIS works with State Fund and can help you save time and money in getting the right coverage.  CIS also has relationships with well known insurance companies that carry workers compensation. CIS will submit your workers compensation certificate to the contractor board for you as part of our service.  

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